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Artificial grass is a synthetic grass material made to look and feel like natural grass. It is designed to provide a surface that is durable, low maintenance, and drought-resistant. Artificial grass is often used in sports fields, lawns, gardens, and patios. It can be used in both commercial and residential settings, as well as playgrounds, gym outdoors etc.

If you want a cost-effective option, the Eco 25mm is suitable and sufficient.

The best thickness of artificial grass really depends on the intended use. If the grass will be used for high traffic areas such as playgrounds, then a thicker grass is recommended. If the grass will be used for a less heavy-duty purpose, then a thinner grass may be sufficient. Generally, artificial grass with a pile height of 30-40mm is considered to be a good balance between durability and aesthetics. However, for a denser grass, you may prefer options with a length of 40-50 mm.

Artificial grass costs from as low as Rs 49 per square feet for 25mm turf. Premium quality grass starts from Rs 79 per square feet up to Rs 165 per square feet.

Yes, artificial grass can be a great solution for apartment balconies in Bangalore, India. Artificial grass is low-maintenance, looks great, and can be installed in any size or shape to fit your balcony space. It is also weather-resistant and able to withstand the heat, humidity and monsoon rains that are characteristic of Bangalore's climate

Artificial lawns are designed to drain water quickly and efficiently. The grass is made from a special material that is permeable, allowing water to pass through it and into the drainage system. The turf is also installed on a slight gradient, so that water is able to run off the lawn in a certain direction.

Drying time for artificial turf varies based on weather conditions, but typically takes a few hours to a day. Factors such as sunlight, temperature, and air circulation can affect drying time.

Artificial grass can last up to 10 years or more, depending on the quality of the turf and how well it is maintained. Proper maintenance, such as regular cleaning and brushing, can extend the lifespan of the turf. In order to make it last longer, never use harsh washing detergents or any chemical products on the grass. You can use plain water or gentle soap water.

Investing in artificial grass can be worth it for those seeking a low-maintenance alternative to natural grass. The initial cost may be higher, but the long-term savings on water, maintenance, and landscaping services can make it a wise investment.

A cost-effective way to enhance the appearance of your balcony is by adding artificial grass to the flooring. To further elevate its atmosphere, you can furnish it with wooden chairs, bean bags, and a small coffee table, and adorn it with string lights and small flower pots. Adding some plants can also bring life to the area, while a Buddha statue can provide a classic touch to your balcony.

Yes, water can drain through artificial grass carpet. Quality turf is designed with perforated backing that allows for proper drainage, preventing water build-up and potential damage to the turf. Proper installation and maintenance can ensure proper drainage.

Rainwater can safely drain through artificial grass, so light to moderate rain is not an issue. Heavy rain may cause temporary puddling, but the turf will typically dry within a few hours. Proper installation, maintenance, and cleaning can also help prevent damage from heavy rain.

Artificial grass can be laid on a variety of surfaces, including compacted soil, concrete, asphalt, and decking. However, it is important to ensure proper drainage and a stable, level base to avoid shifting or damage to the turf.

While it is possible to install artificial grass turf yourself, hiring professionals can ensure proper installation, reduce the risk of damage, and provide a more seamless appearance.
A professional installation may cost you extra money. However, if required, for larger areas to cover, you can opt for a professional installation team.

To install artificial grass on soil, remove any existing vegetation and debris, level and compact the soil, and add a weed barrier if desired. Roll out the turf, trim to fit, and secure the edges with landscape staples. Add infill and brush the fibres for a natural look.

Artificial grass can be better than natural grass for certain situations, such as in areas with water shortages, high foot traffic, or harsh weather conditions. It requires less maintenance, no watering, and provides a consistent appearance year-round. However, some may prefer the look and feel of natural grass.

To clean artificial grass, remove debris and leaves regularly using a leaf blower or rake. Rinse the turf with a hose and use a mild detergent and soft-bristled brush to remove stains or spills. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive tools that can damage the fibres.

Decor Eazy, a home decor and design company in Bangalore, offers a variety of high-quality artificial grass options for indoor and outdoor use. They can be contacted through their website or showroom, for more information.

To shop for artificial grass online, research reputable companies and read reviews. Measure the area and select a high-quality turf with the desired colour and density. Order a sample if available and compare prices and shipping options. Be sure to check for warranties and return policies before making a purchase.

Yes, Décor Eazy offers support and convenience through direct messaging and video chat for customers who have questions or need assistance with their artificial grass purchase. They can be contacted through their website or showroom.

Decor Eazy offers multiple payment options for ordering artificial turf, including online payment through their website and bank transfers. Customers can choose the option that works best for them and contact the company for any queries.

Yes, Decor Eazy offers professional installation services for artificial grass for large areas. They have a team of experts who can install the turf quickly and efficiently, ensuring high-quality workmanship. Contact the company to schedule an installation.

Yes, customers can expect discounts for large orders of artificial turf from Decor Eazy. The company offers competitive pricing and can provide customised quotes for customers who are ordering large quantities of turf. Reach out to the company to request a quote.

Yes, Decor Eazy can supply and install artificial grass for upcoming projects. They have experience working with a variety of clients and can customise their services to meet specific project requirements. Customers can get in touch with the company to obtain further details and to arrange a consultation.

The ideal thickness of artificial grass for a children's playground is generally around 30mm to 40mm. This provides a cushioned surface for children to play on and reduces the risk of injury. However, specific thickness requirements may vary depending on the playground's design and safety standards.

It may be possible to receive grass carpet on the same day of ordering in Bangalore, depending on availability and location. Customers can contact the supplier, such as Decor Eazy, to inquire about their delivery options and estimated timeframes.

Yes, customers can visit Decor Eazy's store to buy artificial turf. The company has a physical location in Bangalore where customers can view the products and speak with representatives. Customers can also contact the company to schedule a consultation or inquire about their product offerings.

The cost estimate for 100 square feet of artificial turf in Bangalore may vary depending on the quality, thickness, and other factors. Customers can contact suppliers, such as Decor Eazy, to obtain a quote or pricing information based on their specific requirements.

Using an artificial grass carpet in a balcony can provide numerous benefits such as creating a natural look and feel, low maintenance, no need for water, soft and comfortable surface, and durability. Additionally, it can be a cost-effective solution for transforming a dull balcony into a beautiful and inviting space.

Yes, Decor Eazy offers wholesale pricing for artificial grass to traders. Please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to assist you with the best pricing and quality options.

Decor Eazy provides high-quality artificial grass with various customization options and reliable installation services. They also offer competitive pricing, excellent customer support, and a hassle-free online ordering process, making them a top choice for artificial grass in Bangalore.